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Snuff Bottle Dot Marks Mystery

Through the years of bottle collecting I have never bought a snuff bottle. I have looked at them, fondled them, but never got the bug to buy one. Now I have done it.

I have heard and read in eBay listings that the dots on the bottom of these jars, were an indication of the strength of the snuff. I have been studying vent dots on old bottles for about 15 years and I have a good explanation for them. But I haven’t read in any of my reference books about the dots, being an indication of the content’s strength.

Snuff Bottle Snuff Bottle Base

This first snuff bottle has six dots on the bottom. For the size of the bottle, I am sure that two would have been enough to let the air out of the mold below the parison expansion in the final blow of the jar.

So I am looking for your help…

Red Matthews [1]

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