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31 Aug

Cold Mold Ripple in Glass Bottles

It has always seemed strange to me that people started calling a *Cold Mold Ripple* something different than what it really is. Bottle collectors and sellers use the terms *Whittled *and *Hammered* to define what they see in the glass bottle. I haven’t found it referred to as this in the older books, but maybe […]

14 Aug

Chilling the Cavity of Cast Iron Bottle Molds

Who, Why, and When I got a job at the Thatcher Glass Co. in Elmira N.Y. to work in their Central Mold Division as an Applications Engineer and management assistant. After being there for about a year, I was invited to attend a meeting of Glass Plant Managers and Production Engineering people. After the meeting, […]

04 Aug

Key Lock on a Shoulder Seam Bottle Mark Mystery

A while back I tried to buy a bottle that had a mold mark on it that I didn’t recognize. The mark was on the shoulder mold seam line, 90 degrees from the shoulder mold parting line seams. So it became a bottle mystery. Unfortunately or untimely I found the solution before I got this […]

01 Aug

Snuff Bottle Dot Marks Mystery

Through the years of bottle collecting I have never bought a snuff bottle. I have looked at them, fondled them, but never got the bug to buy one. Now I have done it. I have heard and read in eBay listings that the dots on the bottom of these jars, were an indication of the […]

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