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Antique Bottle Blog Information about rare and collectible glass bottles from a member of the glass bottle mold manufacturing industry.

Antique Bottle Auctions A special selection of premium bottles. The best of the best will show up here in our top section because users have selected these auctions to keep track of them in their eBay bidding and watching page.

Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine Do you like old antique bottles? We are the perfect team for all your antique bottle collecting needs!

Antique Bottle Collector’s Haven How much is my old bottle worth? If you want to learn more about a particular category of bottle, or simply find out “how much is my old bottle worth?”, then you’ve come to the right place.

Antique Bottles of South Africa This site strives to be a focal point for collectors, diggers and dealers both national and international; to swap information and buy and sell antique bottles.

Antique Bottle Collector UK s THE magazine for in-depth articles on antique bottles, old bottles, poison bottles, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, quack cures, ink bottles, poison bottles, black glass, seals, pot lids, stoneware bottles, stoneware flasks, cream pots, ointment pots, enamel signs, breweriana. whisky jugs, whisky crocks, old advertising and hundreds of other collectables.

Antique Bottle Diggers Forum Where collectors, diggers and traders meet! This website is a forum for antique bottle collectors, diggers, traders and anybody with an interest in old bottles.

Antique Bottles of Baltimore Pontiled And Early Smooth Base Baltimore Mineral Waters, Sodas, Beers, Early Pottery Bottles, Pontiled And Early Smooth Based Baltimore Medicines, And Other High Quality Baltimore Bottles.

Antique Wine and Black Glass Bottles Photo gallery of 17th and 18th century antique black glass wine and other utility bottles and jugs.

Australian Antique Bottles Provides some general information about collecting old bottles in Australia.

Bottle Diggers UK a most satisfying encyclopedia of antique bottles to be found on the telegraphic network. It will undoubtedly furnish the novice collector with a most detailed insight in to the world of antique bottle excavation and collecting.

Bureau of Land Management: The Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) is pleased to be the new web-based home of the Historic Bottle Website. Since its initial posting in early 2005, the Historic Bottle Website has become a very useful resource to the historical archaeology community. This makes its location on the SHA website in the new “Research Resources” section particularly appropriate. The website’s public educational emphasis helps the SHA to meet one of its goals: “…to promote scholarly research and the dissemination of knowledge concerning historical archaeology.”
Bottle Dating Approximate manufacturing age range of the item.
Bottle Typing and Shapes Liquor, mineral water, druggist, food, etc.
Glassmaking Free-blown or mold-blown, or by automatic methods.
Bottle Colors Clear, aqua, opaque, greens, amber, blue, amethyst, black.

Bottle Finishes Methods, styles and types.
Body and Seams Free-blown, molds, seams, patterns.
Bottle Bases Mouth blown or machine made, marks, bases and scars.
Bottle Fragments
Bottle Glossary
Bottle References Books, sites, periodicals and journals.
Other Bottle Links
Frequent Questions

Canadian Bottle Lovers Page dedicated to bringing images of early Canadian and interesting Canadian bottles. Soda bottles, medicine and food bottles.

Cape May Bottle Collectors has a list of all known types of bottles from Cape May County in New Jersey. Milk, soda, medicine, shows, books and more.

Corning Museum of Glass The world’s largest glass museum! At The Corning Museum of Glass, glass isn’t just for looking at or looking through. At our Museum, you can explore, research, touch, work with, and interact with glass.

Dump Digging Cautions about DIGGING dumps for bottles. Glass eyebaths (or eye cups, or eyewash cups, if you live west of the Atlantic) come in many types, colours, shapes and sizes.

Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors a non-profit organization for collectors of historical bottles and related collectible items. Our primary goal is educational as it relates to the history and manufacture of historical bottles and related artifacts.

Fruit Jar Collectors Some of these early guides and manuals by Toulouse, Schroeder, Peters, Rodrigues, Roller, and Creswick help to lay the foundation for much of the knowledge known today.

Fruit Jar Discussion Group a forum of discussion for fruit jar collectors about our hobby and encourage the exhibiting, displaying, and researching of antique fruit jars.

Glass Factory Bottle Marks a list of glass manufacturers’ identification marks found on (primarily) American bottles and jars.

Glass Factories for Insulators a list of glass factories that manufactured, or are believed to have produced, glass insulators for telegraph, telephone and/or electric power lines.

High Desert Historic Bottles in the beautiful High Desert of Eastern Oregon. Collecting tastes run the gamut from early American figured flasks, bitters, California gold-rush era soda & mineral waters and other Western American bottles.

Matt’s Antique Bottles Price guide, for sale, medicine bottles, Maryland bottles, reproductions, dating and identifying bottles.

Privy Pro Probes If you are a privy digger, you know the importance of a good spring steel probe to achieve your goal of finding the pit and all the treasures within!

Rob’s Famous Poisons Tippers Animal Medicines were first registered in 1904. They came in 2 sizes and several colours, cobalt, amber and aqua which is the rarest. All of these bottles have POISON across the shoulder and TIPPERS ANIMAL MEDICINE around the bottom of the bottle.

South Jersey Glass Articles Information on South Jersey glass houses and glass products. Paperweights, Bottles, Pitchers, Powder Horns, Mugs.

Wayne’s Bottle World Beers, Bitters, Foods, Fruit Jars, Blobs, Inks, Insulators, Medicines, Milks, Poisons, Sodas, Tonics and Whiskeys.

We Love Old Bottles Welcome to the home page of Mike & Lila’s Old Bottles. Feel free to make yourself at home, get to know us and the bottles we like. Dig around awhile and who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you like.

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Smokstak Antique Engines discussion forum for collectors of old engines.

Alaska Cruise Blog Cruise tour with photos of Alaska in the summer.

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